Meet Magento Poland 2016

Marianna (Chief Operations Ducky) and Stachu (Chief Strategy Ducky) rocked the stage of Meet Magento Poland 2016!

Their presentation “Big Data – expectations vs. reality” brought us the most important tips & tricks for both newbies and geeks obsessed with Big Data. All in all, their case studies, explanations, definitions and examples showed us, that this buzzword isn’t as scary as we thought!

We’re looking forward to see you on next Meet Magento Poland – DUCKIES <3 IT !

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Bitspiration 2016

Presentation “THE END OF AUTHORITY” by our Strategy Ducky – Stachu – took our hearts at the Bitspiration 2016 festival.

43 slides, 20 minutes and several case studies of different brands discussed… in order to find the answer to one important question: how to create lovemarks in the time of Snapchat?

White Ducky FTW!


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New Ducky on board – Aga

Is it a duck? Is it a squirrel? No, it’s our new Project Ducky – Aga!

On a daily basis she will deal with work organization and make sure that each project is delivered on time, without any fuck-ups.

Find out more about Aga Wiewiór (EN squirrel) on


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YES Concept Store Grand Opening

Grand Opening of the YES Concept Store?

Been there, done that! Once again we took the digital communication of YES event under our wings. Our team broadcast a live stream to more than 300 000 brand’s fans! And, of course, thanks to the entire YES Team for the great confidence in Duckies.


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Webstar for

And the Webstar goes to… YES x White Ducky! This is second award for for the best online store in 2015 :)

Many congratulations for the YES Team and a huge thank you for all their trust. Also many thanks to all the Duckies who contributed to the trophy! We want more, more & mooooore!


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WD Certified Magento Developers

Our Ducky Developers deserve a huge round of applause!

Since last week, Marek and Radek can pride themselves on the title of Magento Certified Developers; and Sławek – Magento Certified Front End Developer!

Congrats! You guys deserve it!white-ducky-certyfikaty-magento

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Meet Magento workshops

Meet Magento Poland 2015 is behind us!

Duckies organised workshops on the New Role of Brands in eCommerce and rocked the event! We thank all of the participants for a great amount of energy, which inspired us during the whole event!

See you next year! :)



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First Hapticathon in the history – Coverage

40 participants, 8 teams, 24 hours of inspiration & hard work, 0 hours of sleep… The first Hapticathon was a real marathon run for the most brilliant haptic apps!

It started with an inspirational keynote by Sława & Stachu from White Ducky showing the brief (yet exciting!) history of haptics. After short technical introduction to the TPad and the ultrasonic haptic technology by Michał Żarnecki from, participants started working on their ideas for apps.

Hapticathon - Sława Madelska & Stachu Bręczewski

Ideation session led by Rafał Kołodziej from GreenHat Innovations helped every team challenge their multiple app ideas to work out the best one. See for yourselves, how intense the work was:

Hapticathon - Rafał Kołodziej - GreenHat Innovations - White Ducky -

Hapticathon - Wojciech Radomski - - White Ducky

Hapticathon - Michał Krawczak - White Ducky -

Hapticathon - White Ducky -

Hapticathon - White Ducky - Programa.plThe teams were ready to roll – they delivered 3-minute-long pitches for their projects and received feedback from mentors. Afterwards We’ve then called Joe Mullenbach from Tangible Haptics to discuss haptic technology and ask some questions concerning participant’s projects.

Hapticathon - Joe Mullenbach - Tangible Haptics - White Ducky -

Finally, the coding began!

Hapticathon - White Ducky -

Hapticathon - White Ducky -

Competition was fierce, but there can only be one winner… Jury ruled that Touch Guide app team will take the first place! Congrats to Kamil, Maciej, Jarosław, Izabela & Michał! Their (already fully functional) app is meant to help visually-impaired people find their way inside public buildings by equipping them with haptic maps.

Hapticathon - The Winning Team - White Ducky -

Hapticathon - Touch Guide - White Ducky - Programa.plKudos to ALL the participants for their great work and awesome apps they created for the TPad. We will share more about other apps, so stay tuned!

Hapticathon - White Ducky -

Many thanks to our sponsors and partners, especially:

Edward Colgate, Joe Mullenbach & Craig Shultz - Tangible Haptics
Hong Tan – Microsoft Research
Chris Kowalczyk & Piotr Tuszyński – HardGamma Ventures
Bartek Gola – SpeedUp Group

Also many thanks to Rafał Kołodziej from GreenHat Innovations for leading our ideation session.

And to our mentors:
Piotr Tuszyński – HardGamma Ventures
Piotr Biegun – Whalla Labs
Michał Krawczak – Centrum Humanistyka Technologia Sztuka
Wojciech Radomski –
Mateusz Madelski – White Ducky
Tomasz Czapliński – SpeedUp Group


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Hapticathon 9-10 May Poznań

The visit at Tangible Haptics and the enthusiastic reactions to the TPad have inspired us to share the experience with a broader community of new technologies enthusiasts and developers. Now together with we invite you all to the first Hapticathon in Poland and in the world – a hackathon involving ultrasonic haptic technology.

During the Hapticathon we will design and build applications that make use of haptics to enrich the interaction with devices with the sense of touch.
Coders working in the Android environment will unite with humanists, designers, neuroscientists and all enthusiasts of new technologies during a weekend of exploration!

To enroll for this event fill out the form here. Don’t miss the deadline of 29th of April!




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White Ducky X

White Ducky X is a springboard for ideas and anthropology-driven insights, connecting people with various backgrounds. We’re a colony with strong network effect able to tinker resources. It’s a thriving bazaar of specialists and creators that tailor teams for particular needs and research purposes.

We track technology development and we curate it based on our insights. We provide ad hoc teams and connect people and businesses including startups, translating ideas into projects to achieve tangible effects. The aim is to create a common platform to streamline the perception of what makes people tick and inform the innovation process of next generation technology.

To get in touch, please contact Sława.

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Haptic Technology Research Project

It is a new frontier that applies forces of electrostatics, ultrasonics and magnetics to provide tactile sensation as the carrier of messages. In the world of miniaturisation this technology fulfils its prior aim, fitting in thin devices and wearables. Haptic feedback interaction can also change the eCommerce industry in terms of how we experience textures of products we’re looking at.

Our project aims at exploring mediated communication with the use of haptic feedback. We want to discover the usage of haptics that gives purpose and meaning to people.


Illustrations: Agata Polasik

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Visit at Tangible Haptics & Northwestern University

Mid January 2015, we visited Edward Colgate, who has dedicated most of his career to the study of haptic interface and who works closely with Microsoft Research. We’ve also met Joe Mullenbach and Craig Schultz, the doctoral students and engineers at Northwestern University, USA.


Ed is the leading inventor in the field of haptics (sixteen issued patents with several more pending). He is recognized worldwide for seminal contributions to the design and control of haptic interfaces.


First, we were led by Ed and Joe to the University lab where they showed us newest haptic technology devices, ultrasonic and vibrotactile technology included. Various tactile sensations of textures, shapes and bumps produced by technology are definitely the future of the technology-mediated interaction.

Then, we had the pleasure to visit Ed’s spin-off Tangible Haptics and meet his team of engineers. We could again experience another type of haptic technology incorporating electrostatics to produce surface haptics. We chatted and exchanged thoughts and ideas about potential application of the haptic feedback.


Testing all these technologies proved not only to be revealing experience as to how we can interact with surfaces in the future but a great fun for our fingers too!

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A unique haptic device – TPad – arrives at White Ducky!

A unique haptic device – TPad – arrives at White Ducky!

After a few months of cooperation with Hong Tan, Research Manager of the Human Computer Interaction Group at Microsoft Research Asia a unique haptic device arrived at White Ducky. TPad is a long awaited prototype produced by Tangible Haptics and lent to us by Microsoft (USA).

Here’s the photo coverage of the exciting unboxing day.
TPad - arrives at White Ducky!

At White Ducky X we have identified experts and invited them to test the device. They come from different fields, often analog and crafts, specializing in manual tactility. Their expertise stemming from working with textures can pinpoint the potential to push the boundaries in their work via technology-mediated sense of touch. Haptic technology will surely bridge the gap between analog and digital experiences to solve their daily problems. We have created an open platform for discussion giving them the possibility to experience and test this technology at a very early stage.

More coming soon.

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