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A unique digital showcase for the queen of Polish avant-garde.

Natalia LL

Natalia LL is one of the most important contemporary Polish artists. Working within the feminist paradigm, her art explores the relationship between artistic expression, existentialism, and transcendentalism. Influenced by her love of simplicity and clarity we’ve created a unique online experience to help navigate the digital landscape of her artworks.

View Natalia LL’s Website

Extraordinary art requires a special environment. We have drawn inspiration for Natalia LL’s online presence from her first exhibitions. The website opens with a black & white fragment from the 1974 video ‘Consumer art’, which leads us into the mesmerising world of Natalia LL.

The layout is based on minimalist aesthetics and colours. We’ve created a simple, clean design to draw the viewer’s attention to the most important element – Natalia LL’s artworks. The dominant colour, grey, is not overwhelming and serves as a perfect canvas for the artist’s works. We’ve added a twist to the monochromatic colour scheme with bold accents in vivid pink, Natalia LL’s favourite colour. To ensure optimal performance the website is fully responsive and works flawlessly across all devices.

This project enabled us to leave the fast-paced life of eCommerce for a minute and let our inner creativity burst out. Inspired by Natalia’s influence on modern culture, we’ve offered the redesign of her website pro bono. It was an immense pleasure to create something timeless and truly exceptional for our beloved artist.

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